About Me For Young Adults

Do you want to know more about yourself so that you can choose work and a career that you will enjoy and be successful at?

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About me for young adults

If you are 16 to 30 years old, About Me For Young Adults will equip you with the self-knowledge you need to understand your dominant personality type and personality traits so that you know how you prefer to think, communicate, solve problems and make decisions.

It will shine a light on your unique mix of intelligences so that you can choose work and a career that inspires you and makes you happy.

When you add knowledge about how you like to give and receive love you will have answered one of the biggest questions we all have in life, “Who am I?”

Understanding yourself on this level will help you to make study, career and relationship choices based on your own interests, strengths and preferences.

On this course you will learn how to:

  • Be the personality type that you were born to be and live your life on your own terms
  • Know why you like to think and receive information in a certain way
  • Learn how to communicate more authentically and with more confidence
  • Learn how to solve problems and make decisions in your own unique way
  • Understand how other people like to think and communicate so you get on better with them
  • Define your unique mix of intelligences so that you can choose a career that you love and do work that truly stimulates you
  • Understand your preferred love language and know how those closest to you want to be loved so that you can build valuable relationships
  • Build a power profile of yourself which will help you to make the right choices based on who you really are



1595 PLN

inc. VAT


About Me For Young Adults™ is delivered on Zoom over one interactive three-hour session. The course fee of 1595 PLN per person for the full programme includes a certificate of attendance.


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About Me For Young Adults

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